The winner of the lottery has lost millions of dollars due to ignorance of English



An American resident of the city of new Bedford, Massachusetts, lost his multi-million dollar win from the ignorance of the English language. This publication reports The Independent.

Joan Luis Daponte (Joao Luis DaPonte) filed a lawsuit against his friends Maria Oliveira (Maria Oliveira) and Suzanne Gaspar (Susana Gaspar), which, according to him, has embezzled the money that he had won the lottery.

According to the statement of claim, Daponte won four million dollars (250 million rubles). His mother tongue was Portuguese, where the word mil means “one thousand.” Seeing on the lottery ticket the inscription “4mil” he decided that it is about four thousand dollars.

The man claims that he gave the lottery ticket Oliveira and asked him to get the win for him. He promised her $ 200. According to Daponte, his friend appealed to the organizers of the lottery and received a prize with taxes — $ 2.6 million (162 million), but gave him only 3.8 thousand dollars that he expected. The rest of the money she left.

Daponte found out about the cheating after talking with a friend who knew all three. Oliveira denies everything. According to her, she never received lottery winnings to someone else.

In 2018, it was reported that in the UK former Mason Edward Putman (Putman Edward) was accused of forging a winning lottery ticket. Nine years earlier he received £ 2.5 million (over 200 million).

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