Blogger faked the death of his beloved for the sake of popularity and left alone


www.vsyako.netFrame: ImJayStation / YouTube

Popular canadian YouTube blogger ImJayStation having to 5.44 million subscribers, admitted that he faked the death of his girlfriend Alexia Marano (Marano, Alexia). According to The Independent, the blogger believed that hoax will help him to increase in popularity.

In one of his videos he said that his girlfriend was killed by a drunk driver. Then the blogger posted a video shot, according to his statement, with the aim to honor Marano. In addition, ImJayStation posted a video in which he allegedly communicated with the spirit of the girls using a Ouija Board.

Later, the canadian admitted that Marano is actually alive and feels good, however, their relationship is over. He also asked for forgiveness from the relatives of the girl for what they had to endure because of his commercials. ImJayStation claims that after the publication of the video with a Ouija Board they are with Marano planned to “resurrect” her, but this did not happen, and the blogger was left alone. “Now my girl is gone and I have serious problems,” he added.

Earlier blogger Juliette Branti angered fans by telling about how four months played cheating in front of her husband Louis. The girl called his joke “the best and the most realistic prank ever”, but many members considered it the draw is too cruel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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