Caught action disclosed the preparation of new provocations, “White helmets” in Syria


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Caught by the Syrian army gunman was a witness to the preparation of new provocations of the charitable organization “White helmets”. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Fighter Abu Hamza revealed the details of its work on the protection of warehouses in the city of Kafer Hamra. According to him, “some people from civil defence,” which the Agency equates to “White helmets”, arrived at the warehouse and took the box, and fragments of ammunition and equipment for filming. Hamza said he did not know about the contents of the boxes.

It is known that then Abu Hamza fought in the South-West of the city of Aleppo for the group “Jaish Osman”. He got lost and was captured.

Earlier in January, Russia submitted to the UN Security Council is evidence of falsification of himataki in the Syrian city of Duma in 2018. Mr speaker, in the survey of the local population it turned out that the local hospital did not have patients with symptoms of combat poisonous substances.

In April 2018 it was reported that the Duma was dropped a chlorine bomb, injured and killed civilians. The OPCW later discovered chlorine at the scene of the attack. The West blamed the incident on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as government forces, then liberated the city from terrorists. As evidence was used in the movie of the charitable organization “White helmets”, in which doctors allegedly rescued civilians from toxic substances. 14 April of the same year, the United States inflicted on the Republic, a massive missile attack.

White helmets more: volunteers help people in the war zone in Syria.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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