Dependent on tanning and the girl was warned about possible death


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nadia Long

The doctors warned dependent on the Solarium a resident of the UK about a possible death. This writes The Sun.

19-year-old Nadia long (Sandra Long) start sunbathing with 15 years in order to cure acne, and it has become a daily habit. Over the past year alone, she visited the Solarium and was on a lounger under the sun a total of 250 times.

At some point, the British noticed lots of new moles on the arms and back, and a concerned mother took her to the doctor. Doctors have warned the patient that the appearance of moles is a serious problem, and advised the girl not to be under the sun.

However long ignored the advice of doctors and continued to sunbathe every day while physicians of the Royal Victoria hospital told her that if she did not get rid of the habit now, it will most likely die in the near future.

“They warned me that if I didn’t stop to sunbathe, I will develop skin cancer,” shared the 19-year-old Briton. She noted that the doctor’s words became her biggest “alarm” in her entire life.

In November 2019 the girl overdid it with the bronzer and was like “walking chips”. The British bought on the advice of friends bronzer the darkest shade, I applied the product according to the instructions, then her skin turned bright orange tone, which she had held for two weeks. After the incident, she stated that she will never be “pretend tan”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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