Disclosed the reason for the emergence of human civilization


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Scientists at the University of Wisconsin in Madison (USA) has revealed one of the key reasons for the resettlement of people on Land and the emergence of human civilization. It became climate change caused by fluctuations of the Earth’s axis. About it reported in a press release on Phys.org.

The researchers followed the change of climate and vegetation in Africa, Arabia and the Mediterranean over the last 140 thousand years. This paper describes a dynamic model that shows when the regions were more humid or dry, and vegetation provide migratory corridors for people.

The model indicates that about 125 000 years ago in Northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, an increase in the amount of summer monsoon rains. This led to a decrease in the area of the deserts of Sahara and Arabia due to the expansion of pastures. In the Mediterranean and the Levant (a region that includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine), as increased rainfall in winter.

These changes are due to the position of the Earth relative to the Sun. Northern hemisphere in summer was closer to the Sun than the South, and in winter on. This contributed to a warm, humid summer and cold winter.

Approximately 70-15 thousand years ago the Earth was ice age, and the presence of glacial shields has strengthened the Mediterranean winter storms led to a more arid climate and a reduction in ice cover near the equator. This contributed to the migrations of people settled in wet areas with lots of plants.

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