Due to a rare illness chuckles began to cause paralysis Schoolgirls


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Doctors warned the girl from the American state of Indiana that giggling can cause her momentary paralysis. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

15-year-old Jordan Coomer (Coomer Jordan) suffers from narcolepsy — a disease of the nervous system, which is accompanied by sudden attacks of sleep. Every two hours the girl covers irresistible drowsiness, and she fell asleep for 20 minutes.

A rare disease struck Jordan in 2017, when she was 12 years old. She began to fall asleep in the classroom, while interacting with the mother and with housework. “Sometimes she wept because she wanted to do something, but it just was not strong enough,” recalls her mother.

Ten months after the appearance of the first symptoms Jordan was diagnosed with narcolepsy. According to doctors, the disease may develop after a sore throat, which she had been ill in the summer of 2016.

Apart from attacks of sleep, the girl is cataplexy — brief loss of muscle tone due to strong emotions. The usual giggling could end in complete stupor, which lasts from several seconds to 30 minutes. All this time, Jordan remains conscious but cannot move or scream.

“I have dreams, so many things I want to do, so it was hard to learn about the disease which, ultimately, will be the end of life affect me and what I do,” admits the girl. In spite of narcolepsy, she is an excellent student, involved in sports and riding horses.

In 2019, it was reported that doctors in a few months looking for the cause of the disease, which affects 17-year-old resident of Australia Alexis Harrison. The girl bleeding from the eyes and mouth, and seizures.

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