Excluded from LDPR Khudyakov decided to return to the state Duma


www.vsyako.netRoman Hudakova: Vladimir Fedorenko / “Kommersant”

A former member of the LDPR Roman Khudyakov created the party “a Decent life” and decided to return to the Duma. This ex-member told the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Khudyakov said that the party intends to participate in parliamentary elections in 2021. According to him, in 2020 “Decent life” will hold the candidates to the regional legislative Assembly, and if that fails, will collect signatures. Also excluded from the liberal democratic party ex-Deputy had gathered to demand the dissolution of the state Duma and the abolition of parliamentary immunity.

He said that in the near future the documents necessary for registration of the party, will be sent to the Ministry of justice. However, Khudyakov fears that “Decent life” is not registered.

According to the newspaper, the Supreme Council of the party entered the test pilot Anatoly Knyshov, hero of Russia Colonel Konstantin Timerman and the singer of the group “Roots” Alexander Berdnikov.

Roman Khudyakov was elected Deputy of the Tambov regional Duma in September 2016 from the party “Rodina”. To be re-elected to the lower house of Parliament failed.

In June 2016, the faction of the liberal Democrats in the lower house of Parliament withdrew from the composition of three members, including Khudyakov, for trying to go to other parties. In April, they were expelled from the party. “About in Khudyakov of the liberal democratic party there is in fact a common opinion: he was, to put it mildly, silly”, — stated in the message.

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