Mother with children 34 days survived in the jungle and was rescued by Indians


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In the Peruvian jungle found a lost woman and her children who are 34 days ate wild berries and fruits. This publication reports The Independent.

In December, 40-year-old woman and her children are 10, 12 and 14 stayed in a remote region of Colombia near the border with Peru. They went to meet with the father of the children, but got lost in the jungle near the Putumayo river — a tributary of the Amazon, which flows through Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Their disappearance became known on December 19. Over the next months the mother and children made their way through the jungle along the river Putumayo, crossed the border of Ecuador and ended up in Peru. On the way they collected and ate wild berries, fruits and seeds.

Exhausted travellers found the Indians of the nation secoa. After 34 days in the jungle woman and children suffered from hunger and thirst, their feet were covered with cuts and body — traces of insect bites. “If we didn’t have water every 30 minutes, we were falling from weakness, — the woman told. All the time had to stop, the girls could no longer go.”

The Indians reported the woman and children of the Peruvian military, they contacted their Colombian colleagues. After that they were sent the hovercraft, which took them to the Colombian city of Puerto Leguízamo. There they received medical help and was checked for communicable diseases that are spread by mosquitoes, including malaria and yellow fever.

On 23 January it was reported that in Thailand’s tak province have saved the motorcyclist, who hid from police in the jungle and got lost. Within two weeks he ate kombinasi — reminiscent of plum fruits that are found in the forest.

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