Relatives left in Sheremetyevo children expressed willingness to take them


www.vsyako.netPhoto By Sergei Vedyashkina / Agency “Moscow”

Grandparents left in Sheremetyevo boys expressed their willingness to take them into the family. This was announced by the Minister of social protection of population of the Khabarovsk territory Svetlana Petukhova, reports TASS.

Petukhova explained that the children wanted to take the relatives on the maternal side, who have good living conditions. She added that the main task — to return the boys to “native blood family”.

Boys should bring in the region before the end of the week, they have prepared all the documents, including the consent to transportation to the place of residence of mother.

Earlier it was reported that a pregnant mother boys Olga Pushkarev put in a hospital in Komsomolsk-on-Amur for safekeeping. The woman was very nervous in the last few days during interrogations and conversations with journalists. Pushkarev is in the seventh month of pregnancy, her condition is stable.

Resident of Khabarovsk Krai Victor Gavrilov left two sons five and seven years old at the airport on January 26. Their stuff found a note, which stated that the parent no money for their upkeep. The boys were in possession of all documents, including school diaries. In conversation with airport staff they said that before their father left. Relatives did not want to take children into care. My father opened a criminal case under article 125 of the criminal code (“Leaving in danger”).

Pushkareva said that divorced Gavrilov because of the constant bullying and violence. According to her, using the connection, he insisted that the children stayed with him. She also claimed that the last time you saw children in 2018.

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