Ronaldo has entered the history of Instagram


www.vsyako.netCristiano Ronaldooo: Jennifer Lorenzini / Reuters

For an account of the Portuguese striker Juventus has signed up more than 200 million users. The statistics of the social network monitors Trackalytics.

Ronaldo has entered the history of the platform — he is the first registered user was able to overcome the mark of 200 million subscribers. The only account, anticipating the profile of the Portuguese, is a page of the network Instagram.

In January 2019, the footballer became the first who managed to score more than 150 million subscribers. In October of the same year Buzz Bingo estimated earnings Ronaldo in the social network. It is assumed that in one position the striker can get a 48,66 million dollars.

In the current season on account of Ronaldo’s 17 goals in 18 matches of the championship of Italy. He is also known for playing for real Madrid, the English “Manchester United” and Lisbon “sporting”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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