Senators became interested in the publication of the Bolton about the blackmail trump Ukraine


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US senators are interested to hear as a witness a former aide to President Donald trump on national security John Bolton. Reported by the Associated Press.

It is noted that this decision is leaning at present, the majority of senators because of the publication in the press of passages of the book of Bolton about the blackmail trump Ukraine. Previously, members of the Republican party, who constitute the majority in the upper house of Parliament unequivocally opposed the procedure, calling witnesses.

The Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell has already acknowledged that his party lacks the votes to block an invitation to Bolton. This means that at least four Republicans support the Democrats in this requirement. The vote on this issue on 31 January. In the case of a decision on calling witnesses, the process for the impeachment proceedings will last until Feb.

Excerpts from the book of Bolton published by The New York Times 26 Jan. According to the former assistant to the President, in August of 2019 he was blackmailing Ukraine, demanding to help with the investigation against the son of Joe Biden. In case of refusal, the U.S. leader threatened to deprive Kiev of financial aid. It is noted that at least 250 million dollars promised under the Initiative to support Ukraine’s security, were released in September of last year.

In early January, Bolton said he was ready to testify in the Senate in case of impeachment. He had refused to testify in the house of representatives of the Congress, when there were hearings under the leadership of the Democrats.

The house of representatives of the United States Congress began impeachment proceedings trump on September 25. The occasion was his phone conversation with Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, the contents of which were reported by the informant. Members of the Democratic party want to prove that the US President put pressure on the Ukrainian colleague that he stimulated the investigation of corruption case against the son of Joe Biden, who is considered the most promising opponent of the trump in the election in 2020.

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