The man pretended to be dead after the attack of a tiger and survived



One of the villagers in the Indian state of Maharashtra, attacked the tiger, managed to survive pretending to be dead. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The tiger stormed into the village on Saturday, January 25. He rushed at the people who tried to banish it from the field, and wounded at least three people. When the predator caught one of the men, he fell to the ground and froze. He didn’t move until the animal ran on.

The attack occurred 95 kilometers from the national Park of Pench, where is the tiger nursery. Daily Mail notes that a day earlier, in another district of Maharashtra tiger mauled 42-year-old woman. It remains unclear whether there was a connection between these incidents.

About the attack of a tiger on the village in Maharashtra was reported on January 28. Despite the efforts of the staff of the forest Department, the animal managed to escape. Locals claim that before the attack the tiger eight days wandering around the village.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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