The Russians called the way to avoid obesity in schoolchildren


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For overweight children, first and foremost, responsible parents and family food tradition. This “Moscow speaking” said the dietitian Elena Solomatina.

According to her, the main way to solve the problem of childhood obesity or to avoid it is to change your own attitude to food. “As parents are to feed, what they feed the child,” she explained, adding that, in addition to proper diet, important exercise, lack of stress, quality sleep.

Solomatina said to affect eating behavior of the child can be bad diet in school. Then the student must compensate for the deficiency in “chips, chocolates, soda water.” “Since he cannot eat, he will suppress this hunger with some unsuitable products,” explained the doctor.

She noted that relatives can smooth out the situation with school meals, organizing the student lunch box with healthy food.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that poor nutrition in educational institutions leads to obesity in children. According to her, at the end of 2019 in 37 Russian regions, the students were not provided with hot meals.

January 22, during his address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin declared that primary school pupils need to eat free hot meals.

According to Rosstat, every third child and every seventh teenager in Russia suffer from obesity.

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