The update killed the battery of Xiaomi smartphones


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Users of Xiaomi Mi 9T complained about problems with the battery. The complaint arose after updating devices to Android 10, the edition PhonAndroid.

On killed the battery of Xiaomi smartphones update drew the attention of the users of Reddit and forums. In relevant topics, the owners of Mi 9T write that the operating time of their devices has significantly decreased due to the update system. It happened after the release of the shell MIUI with Android 10.

“I’m used to 9-10 hours of work a smartphone screen, now, in the best case, he works six to seven hours,” said the author of one of the topics on Reddit under the nickname @mikes41720. The user said that after cleaning the cache, turning off startup applications and rebooting the device started to work a little longer, but the problem is not resolved. According to him, over half an hour of active time, the smartphone loses more than 10 percent charging.

Some owners of Mi 9T stated that disabling startup applications partially solves the problem of the battery. Users have been advised to roll back the machine to factory settings, but said he did not believe in the effectiveness of this method.

Xiaomi company has not yet responded to the incident. Edition PhonAndroid noticed that the owners of the flagship smartphone brand, have faced similar problems when updating to Android 9, the previous version of the operating system.

Xiaomi Mi 9T was submitted in June 2019. The device has received Android 9 with a guarantee upgrade to Android 10. In addition to Mi 9T the actual update of the system must receive or have already received the Mi 2S smartphone Mix, Mix 3 Mi, 8 Mi, 8 Mi Pro, Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Pocophone F1.

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