The woman has lost 76 pounds after the humiliation in the plane


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Full canadian lost 76 pounds after the humiliation which she experienced in aircraft, where it failed to buckle up because of the insufficient length of seat belt. Her story told the publication the Daily Mail.

32-year-old Kelsey Bonas (Bonas Kelsey) from Ontario began to gain weight after I got married and moved to the UK. There she became addicted to fast food and absorb up to four thousand calories a day.

The woman went to McDonald’s two or three times a day. In the morning she ate two macmuffin, day dinner two burgers and eat chicken nuggets. As a result, her weight had reached 136 pounds and began to cause inconvenience.

For completeness, the woman find it difficult to play with their kids, and the planes she had to kneel to the flight attendants and passengers for a seat belt extender safety. She has sat on a diet, but quickly gained weight.

She managed to lose up to 60 pounds just after the operation gastric bypass and rejection of burgers in favor of more healthy food. “The operation itself does not change you, she explains. This is only a means. A tool that helps control recurrences. You can’t just suddenly Wake up and be skinny. You need to make the right decisions.”

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the English town of Batley, West Yorkshire, started to eat right, exercise and in a year I lost 76 pounds. The Briton recovered to 157 pounds because of a love for bad food takeaway and a sedentary lifestyle, strangers on the street often called her a fat cow and stared accusingly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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