A Russian court ordered the orphans to pay the loans of deceased mother


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

The court of Samara region ordered the four orphans to pay the debt, deceased mother. Three of them are minors, the older brother from birth has a disability and up to 18 years living in the orphanage. This was the “Such cases” said the head of public organization “House of childhood” Anton Rubin.

Three children put in foster care during the life of the mother, who was deprived of parental rights and did not communicate with them. In 2016 she died, her remains not repaid Bank loans totaling slightly more than 100 thousand rubles. In 2019, the Bank went to court and demanded money from her relatives.

Children do not come into inheritance, but the court determined their heirs. The debt the women were divided into four children equally, but that kind of money the older son and adoptive parents, younger brothers and sisters are not. They asked the court to allow them to pay the loan in installments, but they refused because “a minority of the debtor is not grounds for granting a deferral”.

Anton Rubin said the publication that the only income the young person with a disability is a pension, which by law, the bailiffs have no right to arrest. he is currently looking for a job, with this income will be the hold.

Previously, a married couple from Samara region took from the orphanage two girls and in addition got two million in repayments of their deceased mother.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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