Apple wrote a huge fine


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The court of Los Angeles wrote to Apple and Broadcom a huge fine in the amount of $ 1.1 billion for infringement of four patents on technology wi-fi. This amount has become one of the largest in the cases of patent disputes in history, and Apple pay 837 million, and Broadcom 270 million, AFP reports.

The plaintiff was made by the University of California, who felt that in microprocessors for the iPhone, iMac, iPad, HomePod, AirPort and Apple Watches manufacturer used Broadcom’s patented technology.

The trial lasted from 2016. The representatives of the plaintiffs were pleased with the decision, noting the attention of the judges to the case. They also stressed that the University, being a non-profit organization needs funds to continue research, therefore, protects their intellectual property.

Both Microsoft has promised to appeal the verdict. The Broadcom said that he disagreed with the factual and legal grounds for the verdict. Apple declined to comment, but in the course of the trial noted that the prosecution does not concern them, because the company only bought products Broadcom.

Earlier it was reported that Apple’s revenue for the first quarter of the 2020 fiscal year (October-December 2019) amounted to about 91.8 billion dollars, which was a record for the company indicator.

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