Became known salary Medvedev for a new job


www.vsyako.netDmitry Medvedevthe: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti

A cash reward of Dmitry Medvedev on a post of the Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council will be 618 713 per month. This became known from the decree of President Vladimir Putin, published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Thus, for the year in the new job former Prime Minister will work 7,42 million rubles. Revenues Medvedev for 2018, according to his Declaration, published in April 2019, was 9.9 million, in the previous two years — about 8.6 million. His wife Svetlana income has not.

As noted owned by the family Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, by law Medvedev, Russia’s former President is entitled to a monthly life annuity in the amount of 75 percent of the salary of the head of state, but it is not payable if the former President is in the civil service.

On 15 January, the government headed by Medvedev was dismissed after the presidential address to the Federal Assembly, in which was announced the new measures of social and economic support of the population, as well as amendments to the Constitution. The former Prime Minister was appointed Deputy Chairman of the security Council, which was created specifically for him, and retained his post as leader of the party “United Russia”. According to Medvedev, now he is doing great.

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