Blogger parodied naked picture the most beautiful women in the world


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @celestebarber

Blogger Celeste Barber, who became famous thanks to the parodies of celebrity photos, copied the American supermodel of Palestinian origin Bella Hadid, previously recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world. The publication she shared in his Instagram account.

On the original photo Hadid posing on the beach almost completely naked — she sits with her back to the photographer in a bikini and straw hat with a wide brim. The Barber repeated this way, but wearing a closed high-waisted briefs and a baby hat. “When Bella shares her hat,” she signed the post.

Subscribers blogers responded to its publication in the review. “I can share with you!” — said one. “Comfort is paramount, I think so,” said another. “You’re a real model!” — evaluated third. “Do not see the difference between pictures,” said the fourth.

In November last year Barber copied from the erotic images fashion photographer David Click. Blogger posted on his body for two whole pizzas.

Appearance Bella Hadid in October last year, acknowledged the ideal and the model itself has called the most beautiful woman in the world. Head of the center for cosmetic and plastic surgery in London Dr. Julian De Silva correlated the girl’s face with the rule of the Golden section. It turned out that the aspect ratio on 94,35 percent is close to perfection.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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