Came in fur coats to give the blockade “loaves,” the official explained


www.vsyako.netPhoto: official website of the Kerch city Council

Congratulations to the Crimean officials in the coats of the Kerch blockade which they are presented is similar to the “loaves” meat pies, explained the hurry. One of the participants of the protest, the press Secretary of the Kerch city Council Diana Ushakov said the radio station “Moscow speaking” that the members of the delegation had no time to remove outer clothing, as to each veteran they could spare only five minutes.

She noted that surprised by the reaction to the gesture of the officials, as donated to “loaves” should not be regarded as “a miserable pittance” is the pies are “handmade”. “What should I have done? 11 people [the blockade], we just drove around the blockade and congratulated them on this date, the complete lifting of the blockade of Leningrad”, — said Ushakov.

In the city administration in turn said radio station that are irrelevant to the congratulations of the officials in fur coats. This action is initiated by the city Council, then as head of the administration presented to the veterans for the “big pack”.

Earlier, the Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya called stupid and insulting greeting officials. She said that normal people from such acts of “malice takes”. The MP also urged Russians not to overdo it in the pursuit of patriotism, because, in her opinion, “it looks pathetic”.

On January 30 it became known that the head of Kerch city Council May Huzhina wrote in Facebook as they are with colleagues on the day of lifting the siege of Leningrad on January 27 congratulated the local blockade, which left 11 people. On the published photos you can see that wearing fur coats and the official awarded the veterans of bread and medals. Users of the social network said that to give such gifts it is a shame and could give something else, such as trips to the resort.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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