Elderly Princess seven years had sent money to fraudsters and lost millions of dollars


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Indonesian law enforcement agencies recognized that older daughter of the late Saudi king Faisal al Saud, Princess Lolowa (Lolowah bint Faisal Al Saud), was the victim of fraud. It is reported AsiaOne.

In September of 2019 its lawyers told Indonesian police about the two intruders, a few years deceiving 71-year-old Princess. As a result, she lost at least 512 billion Indonesian rupiahs (37.6 per million).

Lolova seven years had sent money to two Indonesians, who promised to spend on land acquisition and the construction of two hotels. In 2018, she found that the construction is completed, and the official owners of the land bought with her money, its Indonesian partners.

During the police investigation it became clear that land claims another company. The audit showed that the acquired property is not as valuable as claimed by the attackers.

The suspect is facing criminal prosecution on charges of fraud, and the punishment for violating the law against money laundering.

Princess Lolowa bint Faisal al Saud is the daughter of king Faisal al Saud and Queen Effat. Known for fighting for better education for women in Saudi Arabia.

In 2019, it was reported that a French court recognized a Saudi Princess Hassi bint Salman an accomplice to the kidnapping and violence with weapons. At her command, the guards beat the plumber who fixed the sink in her Paris apartment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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