Europe will force companies to report about the environment


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The EU will prepare amendments to the standards of nonfinancial reporting of companies that will force them to talk in detail about our impact on the environment and the fight against climate change. Thus in Europe want to give investors the opportunity to invest in a “green” company, writes Bloomberg.

The overall objective of the changes is to increase the amount of information on the risks and opportunities for development. The new system should replace a multitude of disparate standards, which are often misleading.

The decision — part of the overall strategy of the European Union, which will allow him to become the first region in the world without increasing emissions. For this policy, develop rules that enable to create and develop “green” economy.

Earlier in January, Microsoft announced that it will be the first “carbon negative” company in the world. For 30 years she is going to fully compensate for its negative impact on the environment, since 1975. To do this, Microsoft promised to invest a billion dollars in the purification of the atmosphere.

In November last year, EU Finance Ministers announced the intention to stop financing oil and coal projects. Total failure would mean stopping projects the European investment Bank (EIB) for several billion euros.

To this end, the EU urged only to refrain from investing in coal-fired power plant. In turn, the Board of the EIB in the strategy adopted with the intention of 2021 is not to consider projects in the field of fossil fuels. Priority will be given to projects that increase energy efficiency and decarbonization of energy.

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