Explained the desire of women to refuse sexual clothes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Hafsa Lodi

Fashion writer explained the desire of women to refuse sexual clothes. Reported by the Daily Mail.

American journalist and designer Hafsa Lodi (Hafsa Lodi), living in Dubai, began to create clothes for the stylists-Muslims. She soon found that her customer base was replenished by the ladies of different denominations, and concluded that women lately prefer the modest things.

Lodi explained that candid style that determines the attractiveness of women by the number of exposed areas of her body, lost its popularity. The “trend “lingerie as clothing output”, which for many years promoted Madonna and Kim Kardashian no longer attracted to women,” — said the designer.

The writer said that women began to abandon the imposed fashion and now prefer private clothes, thus suggesting that dress up not to meet men. “Even in private clothes they look beautiful,” said the journalist.

In November 2019 the Australian researchers explained love women vulgar outfits. Experts have found that those wearing more revealing clothes when trying to climb the social ladder and achieve a higher status. In the course of the experiment, which was attended by representatives of 38 countries, researchers found that women in economically unequal societies have used their looks to advance.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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