Forsaken Emperor of Japan lost consciousness


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Honorary Emperor of Japan Akihito during Breakfast for a short time lost consciousness. It is reported RIA Novosti citing local media.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, January 29. Spouse by using a panic button called the doctors, the physical examination did not reveal any health problems 86-year-old monarch.

The next day, Akihito was again present at Breakfast.

Emperor Akihito abdicated in April 2019. He was the 125th Emperor of Japan. It is believed that he is descended from Emperor Jimmu, crowned about the year 660 BC. He took the throne in 1989, 23 Dec monarch turned 85. In the summer of 2017, the Parliament passed a law allowing him to renounce the throne — like precedent in Japan was not for two centuries.

The new Emperor was the crown Prince of Naruhito.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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