From the gallery in Stockholm was kidnapped more than a dozen works of Salvador Dali


www.vsyako.netVador Delitto: Horst Ossinger / DPA /

From the gallery Couleur, Stockholm, Sweden, was kidnapped 10-12 bronze sculptures and prints of the artist Salvador Dali. About this gallery owner Peder Enstrom told the newspaper Aftonbladet on Thursday, January 30.

It is noted that each work is from 200 to 500 thousand Swedish kroner (19 to 47 thousand euros), thus the total value of the stolen works is up to 380 thousand euros.

Two attacker took the work Given to Audi in the early morning of January 30. The police are looking for criminals.

15 October it was reported that the lucky thief 32 seconds made from gallery in San Francisco picture of Dali “the Burning giraffe” worth 20 thousand dollars. His actions were caught on video.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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