Girl for the first time showed a spot on the floor-persons and colleagues surprised their act


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The girl first showed a birthmark on half his face to colleagues and was surprised by their act. It is reported by The Sun.

After birth, the 27-year-old Amy Elsegood (Amy Elsegood) diagnosed the emergence of a large birthmark (discoloration of the skin caused by vascular anomaly). It almost completely covers the left part of her face.

Daily girl plastered your flaw with this Foundation. A cosmetic surgeon suggested that she undergo laser therapy to reduce blemishes, but be warned that after the procedure, a week is not to use cosmetics. Suffering from illness Elsegood agreed to such treatment.

“I have complexes because of the birthmark, and I have to constantly hide it with Foundation. I was nervous due to the fact that you can’t do it in time”, — shared his emotions the girl.

Colleagues learned about the fear of Elsegood and came up with a way to support it: they all came to work without makeup. “I didn’t expect from them something like that. Girls know how stress I was experiencing at this moment. At work I got great support,” she said in surprise their behavior.

After these events, the blogger began to show on social networks as she hides her birthmark with makeup, and soon became the Ambassador of the cosmetic brand. “The act of friends helped to realize that I shouldn’t be ashamed of the spots,” admitted the author of the story.

In March 2019, the participant of the reality show “the Family Kardashian” Kim Kardashian-West showed the subscribers of your face affected by psoriasis. In the video, 38-year-old TV star showed near his cheeks covered with red spots, and under the video write your diagnosis.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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