In the phone, found the call recording



In the latest beta version of Google Phone the app to call the Google Pixel Android operating system, found the function of recording and transcripts of telephone conversations. This was reported by the XDA Developers community on your website.

According to experts, the 44th version of the application they were able to completely activate this function. To record a conversation you will need to click on “record”. All recorded conversations are saved in the device memory and available in the form of a list in a separate paragraph of the application. According to them, it is likely that soon it will be added in the official version of the Google Phone.

In XDA Developers have added that the record can also be sent to other devices and carriers in the form of a sound file with the wav extension. While specialists have not been able to successfully use the transcripts of the conversations, despite its availability in beta.

They also explained that prior to activation of the function in the Google Phone, the program will indicate that the recording of conversations without the consent of the other party can be punished. Also the person you call, you first hear a voice message that the communication will be recorded.

In July 2019, Google acknowledged that its experts listen to commands that users give voice assistant company. Such an approach, they explain the fact that audio recordings used for speech analysis with the aim of improving language recognition.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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