Optical illusion with the color of sneakers shared network users into two camps


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @_MasterSalah

Optical illusion with the color of sneakers Louis Vuitton shared network users into two camps. The Daily Mail reports that some see the image of black shoes, others white.

The picture drew the attention of the user of the social network Twitter under the name Gino. He invited others to write what color sneakers. In his opinion, there is depicted a white pair of shoes Louis Vuitton.

The views of mikroblogerov divided. Part of nick was sure that sneakers black. However, other users are assured that they are actually white, but photographed in a room with no lighting. This is an optical illusion, they say.

“They are white, but are in a dark place and the photographer took the picture with flash, because designer items are Louis Vuitton so affected,” explained ClinicalCiro. “I see there’s only black [sneakers], as you saw white?” — surprised by such answers badkindofmutual. Those who see the picture black sneakers, was advised to increase the brightness of an image and make sure that actually the color of the shoes is different.

In February 2015, the social networks were still debating about the color of the dress in the picture that has published one of the wearer Facebook. Someone wrote that the dress is blue with black stripes, and someone insisted that it was white and gold. Because of the wrong color, some were victims of optical illusion. Meme was so popular that it was called “the phenomenon of a blue or white dress”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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