Popular social network for five years were given the “ass” girl business page


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Stephen Lam / Reuters

Social network Facebook within several years refused to remove a public page dedicated to the ass of a girl named Samantha Jespersen (Samantha Jespersen). She told BuzzFeed.

Jespersen noted that page in the popular social networks under the name “Ass Samantha Rei Ann Jespersen” (Samantha Rae Anne Jespersen”s Butthole) was established in 2012, when she was 15 years old. About its existence the girl accidentally found out only in 2015, when I decided to Google his name. The page was flagged Facebook as a business.

In the page information it was reported that she “was automatically created because the user has shown interest in that place or enterprise.” It also added that it was not approved by someone personally connected with ass Samantha Jespersen, as contact was listed current at the time the home address of a girl in California.

Jespersen not managed to find out who created the page. In 2015 she tried to gain her removal, referring to representatives of Facebook, but she replied that it found no violations of company standards. However, almost immediately after the publication of the BuzzFeed page has been removed.

Earlier in January it was reported that the number of Facebook users who regularly visit social network for the year increased by eight percent and reached 2.5 billion — about a third of the entire population of the planet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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