Refusing to be treated Chinese patients will become criminals


www.vsyako.netPhoto: China Daily CDIC / Reuters

Power of Hubei province will prosecute carriers of the new 2019 coronavirus-nCoV refusing quarantine. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the management of public security in the region.

Criminal liability will also apply to those patients who “spits in other people” with the intent to infect others. Also seriously will be punished intentional harm to the medical staff, the attack on him, damage public and private property, and public humiliation and intimidation of doctors.

The authorities also banned to bring in medical facilities funeral wreaths, make a tradition of burning money, putting up banners and block the entrance to the hospital. For such actions the authorities will treat patients as criminals.

As of midnight January 30, the death toll from the coronavirus in China rose to 170, and the total number of infected exceeded 7.7 thousand. from illness was completely cured in 170 patients. Currently in China, there is not a single region where you do not pass the virus.

In addition to China, individual cases of infection identified in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, USA, Germany, Australia, Finland and France. Experts believe that the virus can appear in Russia in mid-February 2020. The risk of its occurrence is estimated as high.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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