Retired dismantled the garage and found an ancient treasure


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alfred Correya

Retired from the English town of Taunton, Somerset, dismantled the garage and found an ancient amulet in the shape of a dog, which is estimated at two to three million pounds (from the 162.8 up of 243.6 million). Reported by the Daily Mail.

66-year-old Alfred Correia (Alfred Correya) found a miniature jade ornament in the chest. The Briton said that his father was an Indian dealer in precious stones, who in the 1960-ies migrated to the UK. In 2002, he died, and the amulet was left to gather dust in the garage son.

The pensioner came across a gem by accident, when I was organizing in the garage. According to him, he didn’t know that the amulet can cost up to three million pounds. Experts believe that decoration is about four to five thousand years. “My father bought all kinds of jewelry, but it is the dog he considered a normal thing. Apparently, he is slightly wrong,” said Correia.

He conducted his own investigation and found out that the amulet was buried along with its owner. According to Correia, grave robbers dug up the jewel, then sold the stolen goods to his father.

In 2019 the house of the deceased resident of Wiltshire, England, found a stash of jewels, which date from the XVI century. Next to the frozen meat was stored expensive old jewelry, including a pendant of a Pelican cost about 30 thousand pounds (2.4 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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