The city was named the most desirable holiday destinations in Russia


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Travelers chose the most desirable vacation spots in Russia. About it the newspaper “Izvestiya” told the head of the centre for the development of regional policy Ilya Graschenkov.

According to him, the first Russian travelers of all ages, social backgrounds and spheres of activity want to go on vacation in Crimea and Sochi. Among the places with more active leisure the respondents most often named Altai, Baikal and St. Petersburg.

“We believe this is due to the fact that these are the regions that most frequently appear in the news and in other media,” he added.

The majority of respondents said that prefer to travel in Russia because of the cultural attractions, not for a beach holiday. Among these areas the most popular were St. Petersburg, Moscow, Golden ring cities and the Crimea.

Previously, the results of the survey service travel planning OneTwoTrip showed that the Crimea, Saint-Petersburg and European countries have become popular places among Russian students. So, the most pleasant memories in travelers are associated with the Peninsula. The most popular among the Crimean cities enjoy Yalta and Sevastopol. In second place was St. Petersburg, and third place was shared by three European countries: Germany, Poland and Spain.

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