The dog helped to find discarded in a fit of anger engagement ring


www.vsyako.netPhoto: West Midlands Police

In the UK a police dog helped the man to find discarded in a fit of anger engagement ring. It is reported by news portal UPI.

The incident occurred in the night of Saturday, January 25. Patrol constable Carl Woodall (Carl Woodall) swept the area with a dog-a Bloodhound named One, when I noticed the road two men with flashlights. It turned out that one of them threw a wedding ring into the roadway during a quarrel with his wife.

“Probably, the man threw the ring in a fit of anger, said Woodall. — He immediately regretted his actions and was desperately trying to find the jewelry.” The patrol decided to help the British and sent to Odin in search of the ring. Just a couple of minutes the dog was able to find the lost jewel in the tall grass.

“The grass was about five inches in height. I think they would be looking for this ring all night but never found him, — said Woodall. They thanked Odin for help. It’s nice to be useful to others”.

In October last year it was reported that in the English city of Penzance, Cornwall, small sea fish helped the man to find the lost wedding ring. Fish splashing in the water and attracted the attention of the passerby to the place where lay the valuable decoration.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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