The killer refused to kill because of the apartment and handed over the customer of the police


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tabyldy Kadyrbekov / RIA Novosti

Hired by the resident of Novosibirsk, the killer refused to kill because of the apartment and handed over the customer of the police. About this newspaper “Kommersant”.

Ordered assassination, a 59-year-old Sergei Yanchurkin, I wanted to get the property in the Railway area of Novosibirsk, which belonged to his ex-wife. For this, he decided to remove the ex-spouse, and living with her 36-year-old woman with a three year old daughter. To commit murder previously convicted man offered his former cellmate. As a reward he promised half the money from the sale of the apartment.

Before committing murder, the killer met several times with the employer. At one meeting Yanchurkin gave him the gun, a dozen rounds of caliber nine millimeters, and the keys to the apartment where the victim lived. Each should produce at least two shots. However, the killer decided not to participate in the crime. He announced a new order to the police and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. In the day of the alleged murder, the man handed over the documents of the victims — two passports and a birth certificate as proof of completion of work. On the same day Yanchurkin was arrested. According to the Prosecutor of the Central district, the man was prescribed 14 years of imprisonment in a correctional colony of strict regime.

In February 2018, ended the criminal investigation against the Russians who ordered the murder of his sister. The woman wanted to possess her apartment. It was established that the defendant conspired with a man who was in a relationship. The day of the murder she let him in the apartment’s sister, opening the door with his keys. Once inside, the man knocked sister of his accomplice with a knife. She died of wounds. Calling on the scene of the police, accomplices pretended to be the dead body they found by accident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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