The pilot crashed into the ocean of the aircraft revealed the details of its rescue


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Gerry Geltch page on Facebook

The pilot of a light aircraft, crashed and fallen into the ocean off the coast of Australia, has revealed details of his salvation. About it writes Daily Mail.

Pilot Geltch Gerry (Gerry Geltch) said that he had kicked the door of the vessel at the time when it was still in the air. “If the plane was already in the water, get out of it would be more difficult. We just opened the door when the plane was going down” — he explained. The crew member also added that once he lost control, then proceeded to follow the instructions for emergencies.

It is noted that in addition to Getcha to escape during a disaster have also been the passenger. Arrived on the scene doctors have rendered them first aid and sent to one of the local hospitals. The pilot received minor injuries, and the passenger — the cut on his forehead.

A light aircraft crashed into the ocean a hundred meters away from Fraser island off the East coast of Australia on Wednesday, January 29. Earlier in the Internet appeared the video, which depicted the consequences of the disaster: there you can see how some people in life vests out of the water and with the help of vacationers heading to the beach.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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