The policeman took off his pants and stripped in front of the Russians during the interrogation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

A resident of Ulan-Ude, filed to the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Ministry of interior on police officers who tortured him to force him to cooperate. About it reports the local edition “Number one”.

29-year-old Vitaly Kuznetsov (name changed) said that on January 21 he was summoned to the city Department for combating economic crimes and corruption of the interior Ministry for questioning as a witness in a criminal case on illegal deforestation.

The man worked as the driver of the truck or the individual businessman, which was suspected of excess of the limit for the extraction of the forest.

During interrogation the police had to Vitaly Kuznetsov pressure to make him “candidly confess to the crime.” Then he was taken to the basement of the police Department, made to kneel, and then one of the employees threatened with rape: he took off his pants, bared genitals and said that will remove everything on the phone and spread the video to the Internet.

“Here I was genuinely afraid. We went three in civilian form. The two of me put on his knees. The third approached me, lowered her pants, stood in front of me so that his body was near my face. Says, write us a subscription about nondisclosure, agreement to co-operate or we’ll kick your ass! and all the phone off, then to the Internet place”, — the victim tells.

Torture took place in the basement where in the summer of 2016 during the torture killed the teenager Nikita Kobelev, choking on her own vomit under the mask.

Kuznetsov, under the dictation of the investigator’s written on the sheet text about cooperation. Late in the evening he was released from the police and he filed an application in the TFR and the interior Ministry. There is a check.

The interior Ministry, the newspaper reported that a criminal case on illegal deforestation being investigated, but the citizen in the police Department were not delivered. The Ministry recalled that the stories about the detainees psychological and physical pressure is a common scheme to discredit the police.

Kuznetsov expressed their willingness and confirmed their words of torture on a polygraph.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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