The Prosecutor General of Ukraine told about the mini-oligarchs, secret services


www.vsyako.netRuslan Ryaboshapko: the official Internet representation of the President of Ukraine

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka declared that local oligarchs have their own intelligence agencies. He reported about it in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to Ryaboshapko, the situation is almost uncontrollable, private entities have the opportunity to listen to anyone. “Anyone with enough money can afford it, in fact, every oligarch has its own mini-intelligence service”, — said the attorney General, commenting on the scandal with wiretapping Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

In his opinion, it is a matter of national security: people who listen to the Prime Minister, unable to access information, “the disclosure of which would constitute a serious problem for the country.” “In essence, this means the opportunity to listen to anyone, including the President,” said riaboshapka.

The authorities plan to minimize the threat. “We are talking about market access special devices, and on the strengthening of state control over such things. We are now thinking about how to develop all the necessary security measures,” — said the Prosecutor General.

In January, the network has published the audio recordings of the meetings of the government of Ukraine. To them the man with the voice, who is credited with Goncharuk, with critical remarks on understanding President Vladimir Zelensky economy. The head of the government resigned, but the President decided to “give him a chance”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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