The suspect attempted to escape from the police car police undercover


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

An American resident of St. Petersburg, Florida, tried to steal a car, inside of which were an undercover COP. This publication reports the Tampa Bay Times.

On Wednesday evening, January 22, police tried to stop who was riding a Bicycle 20-year-old Donald Stephen Degree (Donald Steven Dugray) for a minor violation. Instead of having to obey the law enforcement officers, Degree tried to escape and crashed into a police car.

When the suspect fell to the ground, his belt flew off the gun. He picked up the weapon and tried to flee, and the gun dropped to the roof of a nearby café.

As reinforcements on the scene arrived an undercover COP. When the officer opened the door of his car, Degrey pulled her, tried to get in the car and throw out the police. Operative attacker hit the door and pointed a gun at him. His colleagues caught the suspect and sent him under arrest.

In addition to the attempted theft of the vehicle Dogra was arrested on charges of carrying a concealed firearm, resisting arrest and trying to escape from the police. He was also charged with violation of probation on charges of two counts of theft.

Assistant public defender made on his behalf a plea of not guilty.

Earlier it was reported that police in Windsor, Canada, arrested a thief after she got into a police car, confusing it with her. The detective got out of the car, introduced himself as a police officer and arrested the suspect for theft and possession of stolen property.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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