The wine was endangered


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Christian Hartmann / Reuters

The wine was under threat of extinction due to global warming. If the temperature rises by two degrees Celsius, the number suitable for wine-making regions will be reduced by 56 percent, and for a warming of four degrees 85 percent of these lands will become unsuitable for growing grapes. This is stated in the study from Columbia University published in the journal PNAS.

Scientists say that warming could destroy particularly delicate varieties of grapes, and the berries those that it will take, much will increase the sugar content. Degree made of these wines is too high, they will be fortified. This will be hardest hit by the producers of expensive wines, degree, taste and texture which is stored carefully.

Growers from Italy, Spain and Australia are already suffering losses because of rising temperature. Also the situation is affected by forest fires, especially suffered from them the winemakers of Australia and California. The researchers see the solution in the transition to more resistant to heat varieties. Such a move could reduce the loss of suitable growing land from 65 to 24 percent for a warming of two degrees, and from 85 to 58 per cent if temperatures rise four degrees.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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