Trump pointed to the ability of Bolton to unleash “the sixth world war”


www.vsyako.netDonald trump and John Boltonthe: Carlos Barria / REUTERS

The President of the United States Donald trump criticized his former assistant for homeland security John Bolton plans to publish a memoir. He wrote about this in his Twitter.

“If I’d listened to [his advice], we would have been sixth world war,” said he, trump noted that the adviser “begged” him about the appointment, got the job, and dismissal immediately wrote “nasty and untrue book” containing information on the national security of the country.

Simultaneously, the White house said that the book of Bolton contains information classified as “top secret”, and the publication of memoirs would be a violation of state secrets, reports TASS. In the national security Council indicated that the official signed documents to disclose, and without deleting sensitive information the book can not publish.

Trump sent Bolton to resign in September last year. The President explained that “serious mistakes” that were made by EA. In November it became known about the plans of Bolton to write a memoir for two million dollars.

Excerpts from the book of Bolton published by The New York Times 26 Jan. According to the former assistant to the President, in August of 2019 he was blackmailing Ukraine, demanding to help with the investigation against the son of Joe Biden. In case of refusal, the U.S. leader threatened to deprive Kiev of financial aid. It is noted that at least 250 million dollars promised under the Initiative to support Ukraine’s security, were released in September of last year.

In early January, Bolton said he was ready to testify in the Senate in case of impeachment. He had refused to testify in the house of representatives of the Congress, when there were hearings under the leadership of the Democrats.

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