Virologist estimated the probability of “delivery” of the virus in Russia in parcels from AliExpress


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

Theoretically there is a possibility of Contracting deadly Chinese coronavirus via the parcel from AliExpress, however, cases of infection via mail while it wasn’t confirmed. About it “” said the virologist, Professor, school of Biomedicine, far Eastern Federal University (DFU), Mikhail shchelkanov.

“Sneezed the carrier droplets settled on the surface of the stair handrail. You were touched by the hand of the railing, and then touched their mucous membranes: mouth, nose, eyes. And the same if suddenly the droplets of the aerosol will settle on the surface of the object sent in the mail,” explained shchelkanov. According to him, settled on a surface the virus can survive up to two days — it depends on the humidity, air temperature and from direct sunlight.

“Here every man the extent of his suspiciousness should do. For example, I myself receive a parcel from China,” said shchelkanov. He stressed that while no cases of virus infection through the sending is not confirmed.

As at midnight on 30 January, the death toll from the coronavirus in China rose to 170 infected exceeded 7.7 thousand. To fully cope with the disease managed 170 patients. In addition to China, cases of infection were recorded in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, USA, Germany, Australia, Finland and France.

30 Jan Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin ordered the closure of the border with China in the far East and take other measures to combat coronavirus.

2019 virus-nCoV can spread from person to person. The main symptoms of infection include fever, fatigue and cough with little sputum. Experts believe that the Chinese, the virus can appear in Russia in mid-February 2020. The risk of its occurrence is estimated as high. According to official figures, while in Russia there is no case of infection.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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