World traveler was found dead with no clothes on yacht


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mark Brennan in Facebook

British window cleaner, who went on a single round trip, was found dead on the deck of his yacht. This writes The Sun.

42-year-old mark Brennan (Mark Brennan) two months ago started on a nine-meter yacht Avrio English town of South shields to Barbados, and then headed to Grenada. Ten days later the British stopped contact and was declared missing.

Later the coast guard of Jamaica found the ship with naked and half-decayed body. The cause of death of Brennan is not yet established. Law enforcement agencies are investigating circumstances of the death of world traveler.

On 17 January it was reported that in the Icelandic wasteland Salamancer (Sólheimasandur), where in 1973 was wrecked American military transport aircraft, found the two dead tourists. According to the chief constable of the region of Oddur Arnason, a couple of Chinese travelers was about 20 years old. Their bodies were laid out in the wasteland at a distance of 150 meters from each other.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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