Zelensky helped the famous filmmaker to recapture the house from raiders


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The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, with the assistance of the staff of the office of anti-raiding measures has helped the film Director Yuri Lyashenko to return two apartments in Kiev, the ownership of which took the crooks. About the Ukrainian leader wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to Zelensky, the famous artist approached him in late 2019. The Director said that in 2009, he inherited the housing from deceased relatives, but the real estate captured the raiders. “Subsequently, Yuri Lyashenko found out that the apartment is re-registered to a third party. after Hearing a filmmaker, I am accompanied by his lawyers went to the newly created office of counteraction to raiding, where the Commission for the review of complaints in the sphere of state registration urgently made the decision to cancel the illegal registration, and the Minister of justice Denis Malyuska signed the order,” — said the President of Ukraine.

Illegally staying in housing people left it on 30 December 2019, said Zelensky. Thus, the estate managed to repulse, and Lyashenko returned to his house.

The head of Ukraine urged citizens to more actively address the Office of counter-raiding. “On the problem of raiding citizens rightly complained to me immediately after the election of President. Misappropriation of property occurred throughout the country, so one of the priorities I have identified a struggle with him,” said the President.

Yuri Lyashenko — the honored worker of arts of Ukraine, Director of the film Studio named after A. Dovzhenko and “Ukrtelefilm”, member of the National Union of cinematographers. His works include the films “day one, Day last” “”Mercedes” leaves from a pursuit” and “the World belongs to men.”

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