Accused in the wrong of euthanasia by Belgian physicians has justified


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In Belgium, the jury acquitted the doctors accused in the case of mistaken euthanasia of a woman named Tina NIS (Tine Nys). About it reports BBC News.

The meeting lasted more than eight hours. Charges were brought against three physicians appointed injection Joris van Hove (Van Hove Joris), psychiatrist, Liv Penpont (Lieve Thienpont) and former doctor Frank D. (Frank D). The first two were acquitted because their actions were not illegal, but any doubts were interpreted in their favor. Frank — because he did not know that the patient will make euthanasia. Hall greeted the verdict with applause.

“Of course I’m happy, [the years of the investigation] was difficult, because no one’s ever won a case like this. Today I will sleep peacefully,” — said van Hove. Doctors lawyers complained that their clients were treated “almost as if they were killers”, though they acted in good faith.

Police began the investigation in late November 2018.

Euthanasia 38-year-old Tina NIS approved and conducted 10 years ago — in 2010. She suffered from Asperger syndrome — a specific form of autism. Her family contacted the police in 2017, accusing the doctors of poisoning. According to them, the procedure took place with numerous violations. They also claimed that the woman had asked about euthanasia, not because of illness, but because of failed relationships.

In Belgium, euthanasia is allowed to apply to mentally ill patients, which confirm that their suffering “unbearable and incurable”. Since 2002 in the country legally drugged more than 10 thousand people.

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