Aksenov called heresy and arrogance of the action refusing to quit the head of Kerch


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The actions of the Chairman of the city Council of Kerch Mai Huinay, which has decided to withdraw his letter of resignation, written after criticism for awarding local blockade “loaves” and medals are heresy and arrogance. So they called in his Facebook head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

“If in the course of the day my request for dismissal of the Chairman and the Deputy [Minister] municipal Council will not be met, then Monday go to Kerch for an extraordinary session of the city Council, where my presence will put an end to this issue”, — said the Governor, adding: “let’s See where they will be able then to work.”

She Huzhina explained his decision to resign “a momentary weakness”.

On 30 January it was reported that the head of the city Council of Kerch and her assistant Larissa Sherbola resigned after the scandal with the gifts blockade. As mentioned in the Telegram-channel “United Russia”, it was “a natural result”, and the official written statement on their own.

Earlier it became known that Huzhina wrote in Facebook as they are with colleagues congratulated local blockade on 27 January, the day of the siege of Leningrad. All these veterans in the city left 11 people. Published Huinay the photos show how wearing fur coats and the official awarded the veterans of bread and medals.

Users of the social network said that to make such gifts is a shame, and could give something else, such as trips to the resort. Later that day I found out that a loaf of white bread, which Kerch blockade gave a local official the anniversary of the complete lifting of the Leningrad blockade, was a pie with meat, which gave the Tatar community.

One congratulated the officials of bloodnet thanked them and said that this happens every year. She told me that she received the gift of a bouquet of flowers, a medal and a pie. “I’m very grateful for this. It is very symbolic. That 125 grams of bread, which we received on the child’s card,” said the woman.

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