Blogger ate bats and got death threats because of the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netVan Menyangkut: video Wang Mengyun

Chinese blogger Wang Manyun (Wang Mengyun) complained of death threats after publishing a video in which she eats soup made from bats. This writes the Sun.

In the video blogger and a friend to enjoy the soup and praise the taste. Some users suggested that the video was filmed in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where occurred the first cases of infection with the novel coronavirus. However Manjung claims that the video was recorded in the Republic of Palau in 2016.

Blogger apologized to the members and acknowledged that she shouldn’t eat bats. According to her, at the time of the creation of the video, she didn’t know that these animals can become carriers of infection. “I tried to find information from reliable sources, and not realized the danger of eating bats. Online information about eating wild animals not so much,” she explained.

According to recent reports, there are more than nine thousand cases of infection 2019-nCoV, including 200 deaths. Most of the infections occurred in China. Cases of infection are also registered in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, USA, Germany, Australia. The virus is transmitted from person to person. Its symptoms are fever, fatigue and cough.

Scientists have found that rapid expansion is due to enough high level of development of livestock industry in China. Experts suggest that the initial source of the coronavirus steel snakes or bats.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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