Bottled tea is considered the cause of sudden shutdown of the aircraft engine


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Spilled on Board, tea was considered the cause of the incidents off the engines of the Airbus A350-900. An investigation lead aircraft manufacturer Airbus and the manufacturer of aviation equipment Rolls-Royce, says FlightGlobal.

In particular, such a case occurred on Tuesday, January 21, with a liner of airline Delta EN route from Michigan to Seoul. The crew had to abort the flight and make an emergency landing in connection with the failure of the right engine. It is known that shortly before on the panel of engine control liquid spills.

A similar incident was recorded in November of last year. Then an hour after one of the pilots spilled on the Central dashboard tea, the aircraft suddenly went off the right engine.

Both aircraft made landing in a regular mode, as a result of the incident none of the members of the aircrew and passengers were not injured. According to preliminary data, the cause of the incident in both cases there was a “spill liquids”, but the details are still being investigated.

It is noted that Airbus and Rolls-Royce intend to develop recommendations on how to interact with liquids on Board.

On 13 September last year it was reported that the plane Airbus A330-243, EN route from Frankfurt to Cancun made an emergency landing in the Irish Shannon due to the fact that the pilot spilled coffee on the dashboard. The equipment caught fire and started to melt, which partially denied the dashboard and started to have problems with communication.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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