Bought on the auction house found a corpse of the previous tenant



In the U.S. state of Maryland, purchased on the auction house found a corpse of the previous tenant. This was reported on the website of the television station WRC-TV.

The house was purchased at auction on sale of property of the bankrupt. Auction date not specified. On Saturday, January 25, the new owner searched the house and found inside the body of 39-year-old woman. According to the neighbor, she was ill and needed constant care. Her looked after her grandmother. However, about a year ago an elderly relative of the deceased died.

The neighbor said that after her grandmother’s death the woman continued to look after the nurse and relatives. “Local people also visited her and made sure she in no way needed. We checked if she has food, do I need to take her to the store”, he explained. However, a few months ago, the caregiver and family stopped visiting.

Soon from-for debts in her house shut off utilities. “Then we decided that the family transported the woman to him, — said the neighbor. If we knew it all the time was there, we would have at least knocked on her and find out if she’s okay.”

The police arrived on the scene and are investigating. The body was sent for autopsy.

Last year the police the Swedish island of södermalm found in the house of the deceased three years ago man. Local residents complained to police that for several years nothing was heard of one elderly neighbor. According to the preliminary version, the Swede died of natural causes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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