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To avoid infection with coronavirus, influenza and other respiratory viral infections, it is necessary to carefully observe hygiene and to adhere to several rules. Preventive measures are listed on the website of Rospotrebnadzor.

The report notes that the causative agents of these diseases are highly contagious and passed through airborne droplets. Outside the human body the virus is active from several hours to several days, so the main way to get infected is to avoid contact with virus-containing particles discharge patients. It can be done, for example, with the help of medical masks, which should be changed every two to three hours (sick, every hour), as well as frequent washing and disinfecting hands. Their service was recommended to wash at least 20 seconds after visiting any public places and transport, touching money, doorknobs, railings, before eating and cooking. After returning home from the street, it is recommended to wash not only hands but also the face and nose rinse isotonic salt solution.

Another way of prevention is the refusal of handshakes, kisses, hugs and flowing hair. The article says that you should not use common towels and other personal hygiene items. Patients should have separate or disposable crockery. The room must be frequently ventilated the house to conduct daily wet cleaning, the processing including the door handles, light switches, surfaces of equipment.

Earlier in Rospotrebnadzor advised the Russians to drink only bottled water and eat thermally processed food, and not to visit the markets that sell fish and animals, and avoid activities involving animals.

According to the latest coronavirus infected 9 776 people died in 213 patients. Russia closed the border with China in the far East. At this moment the country has not detected any infected.

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