Confirmed the existence of abnormal forms of matter


www.vsyako.netImage: Nature (2020)

Physics of the French Commissariat for atomic and alternative energies confirmed the conditions for the existence of exotic forms of matter. We are talking about a phase transition of hydrogen to produce metallic hydrogen, a substance which is in the depths of the gas giant planets. About it reported in a press release on

For a long time it was believed that at sufficiently high pressures, hydrogen would become a metal, but scientists do not know what pressure this requires. Although different theories have predicted different values, in recent years, physicists have come to a consensus, finding that the pressure of the phase transition is expected to reach 425 billion Pascals. However, until now, to conduct this kind of experiment was technically impossible.

In the new work, a team of scientists have perfected the cell with a diamond anvil, where two diamonds are used to compress a sample to extreme values. This allowed them to reach a pressure of 600 GPA. For observation of the sample of physics used a beam of infrared light that passed through the device. In the case of formation of metallic hydrogen it should be.

It turned out that the compressed sample block out all infrared and visible light. To confirm the result, the physicists plan to repeat the experiment, but to test whether the sample to conduct electricity that predicted for metallic hydrogen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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